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LIFAair LM99 Respirator with Valve KN95 Mask
LIFAair LM99 Respirator with Valve KN95 Mask
LIFAair LM99 Respirator with Valve KN95 Mask
LIFAair LM99 Respirator with Valve KN95 Mask

LIFAair LM99 Respirator with Valve KN95 Mask

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LIFAair  LM99 Respirator 

This is a new age in mask technology.

Witnessing the profound impact that industrialization, greenhouse gases, pollution, and other climate-changing effects have on our health today, it has become a priority to develop products in healthcare for the wellness and wellbeing of families around the world. 

What are we protecting you from?

  • Everyday pollutants
  • Pollen 
  • Smog
  • Allergens
  • Sensitivities to change in temperature and environments

Quadruple Filtration, with more than 98% efficiency

Introducing the LM99 high-performance respirator with valve. Ergonomically-designed to fit the contour of your face, this high-grade Class A mask offers efficient filtration through 3 levels of protection.

Pre-filter layer (non-woven):

Filters bigger particulate matter including dust

High filtration efficiency Melt Blown layer

Traps PM2.5 and finer particles including haze and other environmental and job-related emissions.

 Inner Lining (non-woven):

Soft and comfortable for easy breathing

Breathe Easier with a One-Way Valve

Uniquely designed one-way exhaling valve reduces the exhaling resistance dramatically and ensures regular breathing is comfortable.

Inhale resistance ≤ 75Pa (standard requirements ≤ 175Pa)
Exhale resistance ≤ 25Pa (standard requirements ≤ 145Pa)
Both inhale and exhale resistance are significantly above industry requirements

Available for bulk pack per your requested qty.

Air quality
index AQI
Air quality rating Wear time
(Accrual calculations)
0-50 Good
51-100 Moderate
101-150 Unhealthy for sensitive groups 40 hours
151-200 Unhealthy 32 hours
201-300 Very unhealthy 20 hours
>300 Hazardous 8 hours


Both LIFAair respirators' inhale resistance rating is beneath the
national requirements and meets international standards.

  • Specially designed to ensure the mask fits all types of face
  • Shapes while achieving complete protection
  • Inside structure is designed to fit from the bridge of the nose in order to avoid any air leakage, eliminating fogging of glasses
  • Contoured design means a complete seal, ensuring that the user is always protected
  • Concave opening on the mask structure frame allows movement on different faces to ensure the best protection