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Learn to Appreciate Your Life Amid the Covid-19 Lockdown

unsplash-logo Mark Claus

The spread of COVID-19 has tested the best of all of us in the last two months.

The sudden disruption that the coronavirus caused to our usual way of living is something none of us was prepared for.

Just a few days back we were rushing to meetings, chasing deadlines, working like machines to achieve more success, and whatnot. 

Then, a tiny little virus came into our lives and left us all locked down in our own houses with plenty of free time. And if you look closely, that’s the bright side of the story.

This isn’t just our chance to stay home and save the human race but also a great opportunity to see life for what it actually is. With all this free time, you can do things that bring you real happiness.

People all over the world are doing so many different things right now only for the sake of happiness. Some are learning to cook, some playing a keyboard, others are just spending hours on call with their friends and family.

There is no “I want to be successful at this” notion attached to their efforts. They are all doing it for a single soulful goal - Happiness.

You must do it too.

There is no barrier to what you can and what you can’t do as long as you stay inside your home.

Doing what you love would help you realize how the small things in life make so much difference to how you feel.

And with that, you will learn to appreciate life for what it naturally is and not because of how the outside world has made it for you and for all of us.

Let’s raise a toast to happiness. Shall we?

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