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Waiting for Inspiration to Strike? Here’s What You Need to Know

unsplash-logo Greg Rakozy

If inspiration were that easy to find, we would all be equally great in what we did.

But unfortunately—or fortunately so?—it’s everything but easy.

If you have ever loved doing something, you know exactly how it is like to wake up one day and suddenly realize that you no more feel inspired to do it.

It’s dreadful. After all, you put in all those hours to master your work. You know you love it and yet, you don’t feel like doing it anymore.

That’s when you decide that to take a small break; thinking maybe it would help you feel inspired again.

Few days go by and you still find yourself drifting away from something you were so passionate about. You fail to understand what’s happening.

And what you do during that time is what defines whether you succeed or fail.

It’s quite normal to start thinking that you are not talented enough and you need to let things be. But that’s when you need to take charge and inspire yourself.

Trust us when we say it: even the most talented and successful people feel the lack of inspiration at some point in their lives. 

So, what do they do then?

They force themselves to get back to work. And they keep working unless they feel inspired again.

It may sound extremely difficult, and we won’t lie, it is. 

Sometimes, inspiration doesn’t just come to you. In those times, you must give yourself the initial push to feel the inspiration and passion flowing through you again.

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